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the very existence of god, for if there be a god he must surely rather honest questioning over blindfolded fear. he wants you find him if he exists. welcome to "red eye." it is like men in black, if by black you mean a poorly lit section of the park. hi, andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up, an iraqi reality show plants fake bombs in bars. what could possibly go wrong? and a shocking story that will make you move to moscow. and is america in danger of turning 23450* europe? greg? >> thank you, andy. >> a fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man thinks himself a fool. >> i don't know if i should stab you or shoot you. >> maybe just poison me with love. >> isn't that the answer for everything? >> go away. let's welcome our awesome
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guests. i am here with oh my god angela mcglowan, the political analyst and ceo. political strategies and insights, but who cares? she is so hot she could boil tea by staring at kettles. there he is, the music mad man himself, jeff "skunk" baxter. he is a musician, song writer and advisor. he knows mustaches like i know sh rais,-- like i know rashes. and fun fact, nutritionists consider him a leafy vegetable. and next to me, a living legend. it is felix dennis. magazine publisher, poet, author, rare pigen enthusiast and philanthropist. he is so rich even his wallet has a driver. and his ego is immense, but he is morally dense. our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> have i to cancel my labor day plans in cape cod, don't you know?
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i will make the most by staying in town and hosting the literary salon. and after that, a prostitute. >> nice. >> yeah. she is made of paper. probably "the examiner." >> you will be examining her. shut up. before we get to tonight's show, let's go to red eye's extreme weather center for the latest on hurricane earl. that was extreme. you know, that wasn't as good as rick leventhal, but it was sexier and that was the extent of the storm. that's why we were preempted. is the american dream out of steam? and a german magazine, spiegle, my favorite. they say under obama, america is turning into europe. he thinks that's bad. he believes making government intervention the rule rather than the exception underminds the american notion that the state should stay out of people's lives.
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by removing economic prosperity by the responsibility of the individual, we are destroying the american dream. once the dream is gone, all we will have is this -- >> life isn't so bad after all. that was awesome. welcome to the show, felix. >> i kind of like the dog. >> i do too. >> he's cute. >> you can probably buy the dog. i have to ask you, you are one of the world's richest men. do you think you would have gotten where you are now if you relied on the government? >> sadly britain has relied on the government since the end of the second world war. in fact, you gave us some of the money. but we did pay it all back. we just finished paying a couple years back. we always relied on the government and the entrepreneurs have to work between the cracks really.
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but this story about the u.s. becoming like europe is nonsense. >> it is nonsense? >> complete. >> there is a place for the government, and that's to protect the consumerses. i believe in less government and more individual responsibility. do i believe we are turning into europe? no. the american dream is alive and the bottom line is this -- in 2012 we can vote obama out and in november elections we can vote republicans in, and then we will create a better america. >> i hope the republicans have something. >> they have outrage. >> let's give it a shot. let's get europe to put together a huge fund so they can pay for our defense, and then we can sit around pontificating how cool we are and how much the russians want to let us heat our homes in the winter time. >> europe never asked you to protect them. you just went thereafter the second world war and you forgot to leave. >> hold on just a minute. >> if not for the beatles, we
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would not remember rock and roll. >> thank you very much, thank you for the beatles. >> wait a second. it is the battle of the beards. >> it looks like a dead tribute band right here. it is great. >> we are the grateful dead really. >> that is amazing. >> even though europe didn't ask us, wasn't it -- didn't we stand out until japan brought us in? >> he was in europe and we said we want to go to war against you. >> the real truth is you did not declare war against the nazis and against hitler. hitler declared war against you. >> which is an invitation. >> had not, you would have declared war against japan, but you would have never come in. >> so we were invited in. >> you weren't invited in, but he declared war on you and started sinking your ships. >> isn't that like an invitation? >> it is an invitation for an
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american ass-kickery. >> bill, you never believed in the american dream even though you live in a fashionable courtesey box. >> it is not that i don't believe in the american dream. the american dream does not believe in me. >> is that like malcolm x? we didn't land on plymouth rock, plymouth rock landed on us? >> i land on a lot of rocks. >> we smoked a lot of rock. >> i smoke a lot of rock. i sleep on rock. >> what about the people that landed on plymouth rock? >> yes, the native americans were here first. >> and you weren't invited. >> we were not invited. no question. >> not like the war though, right? >> we had enough corn, but that's about it. >> i like day after corn. i like celebrating that. that's fun. >> i just have to say, my thought is it feels like we are exchanging the american dream for a tragedy. becoming dependent like
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greece. >> according to spiegle -- i like saying that. the german economy will end up growing faster than the american one by the end of the year. i think if history tells us anything, what we need is a very strong germany, greg. there is nothing bad about that. >> i disagree from the standpoint of the tea party. have you people who are doing what our fore fathers said, the right to state our grievances. the american dream is still alive. you have a lot of lazy people in america that want to depend on the government. >> that was directed at bill. >> i can feel your stair. >> i believe liberals create a welfare to move the blacks from the southern plantation to the federal plantation, but it is a choice, all a choice. >> some of the words of the great american politicians and it says "i am a donut." just think about it. have i to move on. from an economy that is crappy to drinks and tabacci. mother russia never says no to booze and a bottle, but it is now their national motto.
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since both vices are taxed, the russian prime minister is urging his country to party for patriotism. says the hern block head, quote, if you smoke a pack of cigarettes, you giving more to help solve social problems such as boosting demographics and developing other social services and upholding birth rates. those who drink. -- those who drink, those who smoke are doing more to help the state. we go now live to peeping tom catski. what do you have for us my furry comrade? >> great stuff as usual
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peeping tom cats ky. in the era of the nanny state that we experienced in america and in england, isn't it refreshing to hear a national leader, a world leader tell you to drink and smoke more? >> i'm completely foreign, as you would imagine. of course i'm in favor of it. this is true. in britain where we have a national health service which has saved my life once, and it stopped me from going blind when i was five years old. >> have to get started soon. >> and it is a wonderful thing in many ways, but the truth is this -- people that buy cigarettes in britain end up because of the taxation on them end up giving three times the amount of money to the national health service than they take out because they die early. they don't hang around a
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longtime. and that's the sad sort of affect. on the other hand as a world class english hipocrite, i have 23 god children. the only one i ever cut out of my will was because he started smoking cigarettes. >> really? >> they can take pot, crack cocaine, whatever they want, but i told him, you start smoking cigarettes and you are out of the will. >> i distinctly remember you when you got legionnaires disease, everybody around him who got legionnaires disease died but you, and you were the only smoker. >> that's right. there was six of us in los angeles in a hotel. we sadly all got legionnaire scpiz was the only survivor i was the only smoker. >> is the hotel run with the bread roof in? >> i am not saying anything at all. i told them i would not. >> the moliday inn?
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>> the milton. >> people get cancer and heart disease and they are predisposed genetically. this is a little off color. if you drink, with the birthrate you will probably have sex. and then after having sex if you smoke you will smoke cigarettes. did that help the birthrate? >> do you want a drink later? >> no, but thank you. >> the birthrate is way down this. is a great opportunity. instead of cigarettes and liquor, let's go right to heroin and cocaine. afghanistan can sell all of that to them. think how high the taxes would be. this is an awesome opportunity. then with all of this monkey on dhair backs,-- on their backs, they will save their country. >> i like the fact he didn't say it in an obvious manner. he said, if you drink more, you will screw more and our country needs to have sex. that's basically what you can say about every modern country these days, right, bill? >> that's right. you are drinking more and
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forgetting to use a condom more. >> my take away from all this is smokes in russia cost $1.30. so even if they double it, which they are, that's still just $6. and that is in itself a deal. >> the high end drugs. >> i don't see anything wrong whatsoever with this suggestion. i think it is brilliant from one end to the other. >> i think russia has the answer for everything. putin who harpoons whales with a crossbow. >> we have ted knew gent, come on -- nugent, come on. >> they have the right angle filters on their cigarettes. >> i love america, okay. i love america, and i think they should follow us. we shouldn't follow them. >> they also had a high doll in another doll. you open the doll and there is another doll. >> and did you see how they dance? it defies gravity. you are sitting in the air. you are sitting in the air. >> angela, you have to admit.
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we can learn something from everybody. >> yes, we can. you are right. >> shall we move on? from smoke and drunks it is like the hills but with fake bombs in assisted of fake books. there is an iraqi celebrity show that plants bombs in cars. it is terrifying the celebs they are headed for prison. it is called. "put him in camp buka." they are filmed candid camera style. as they react and checkpoint guards yell at them say reg, why do you want to blow us up? you are a terrorist. and there are protests that it is too close to iraq's daily reality. anyway, here is what the host had to say.
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>> that was the ticklish camel. i have to go to you first, angela. >> yes. >> this may be the worst idea i have ever heard or maybe it is because they have been through so much and this is the only way they can deal with it is through humor. >> even though it is iraqi's version of "punked" people have died because of these bombs. it is a slap in the face of people who have lost lives and lost families because of this. i think it is a mockery and it is sad. >> see, i don't know if they -- they are the people living in. it. >> i mean, we lost military because of it and now they are making a television show about it? >> yeah. the only upside i can see from this bill is the way they treat celebrities. they don't treat them well, do they? >> that's conjecture, sir. and even looking at that clip,
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american celebrities would not do well there. and i am speaking of tom seem electric and i will tell you why. too much mustache competition. there was not one guy in the country without a little lip fur. you would think they would have gotten rid of that after saddam. >> felix, you would appreciate the idea, but as a businessman you would find it in poor taste, wouldn't you? >> no. >> you wouldn't? >> i think iraq belongs to the iraqis. if they want to mock anything they want to mock they should be allowed to do it. and while they are mocking they are not blowing up. it is ridiculous to say it is a slap in the face to anybody who has died. it is their country and they can put on their television whatever they want to put on. >> we sent tax dollars over there and we sent american soldiers over there. >> angela, i don't want to be -- >> no, be rks please. >> iraqi people did not ask you to come there. >> no, they did not. >> and therefore they have the right to mock you as much as they want.
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>> but we are over there. >> let me make this point. felix, there is a good point here, the ability to do this show reveals that the country is safer and they are not getting blown up if they can do this. what do you think? >> you are absolutely right. it shows a maturity and a moving on. angela, your point -- >> which is a good point. >> but i think they will be on basic television. they will have cheaters. -- they will have "cheaters." let's look at this in context. when you have the choice of being executed or going -- or you could go to jail. imagine after a divorce marvin mitchelson has his way with you. do you want nothing or cable tv? >> "cheaters" is one of my favorite shows and they get what they deserve. >> it is a maturing process. >> i remember there was a person that worked with us at "maxim" who did a prank show
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in which a nice girl jenni did a prank show called" balls of steel" where she would pretend she was choking and a man would come to give her the heimlich maneuver, a stranger, and while he was doing she would say, "you are touching my breasts. how dare you? you are touching my breast." >> i think that's terrible. this guy is trying to save a woman's life. and then she accuses him of trying to cop a feel, and then you will nef save a person. >> it is poetic justice. those guys probably did cop a feel somewhere, and it is pay back. >> now that the iraqis are not wearing burqas, you can find the breast. >> saddam hussein may have been an absolutely rotten tyrant, but he did not make women focus. when he chose what country to invade we took a rotten tie rapt which there are about 140 in the world.
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we chose the country with 98% literacy. we chose the only country where the women are allowed to choose the air force and police and the armed forces, and we chose the only country where they did not practice active -- islamism. let's choose that one. >> the most ridiculous choice. all it was is unfinished business from a man called george w. bush. >> have i to wrap it up. >> you are wrong. >> you are correct, but wrong. i like that. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, no. what is the best kind of rifle to pick off a koala off a eucalyptus tree? and angela mcgowan shares her secret. i believe that is actually in the constitution.
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what is the cost of getting lost? apparently heaps if you don't ask fog help. yes, according to a study, men waist more than $3,000 in fuel costs because they refuse to ask for directions when lost. here is a picture of a driver. the research commissioned by a british research company found men drive 276 extra miles each year because they are stubborn jerks who are stubborn and jerky. over a lifetime that adds up to $3,000 spent on gas. meantime, three quarters of women polled said they had no problems asking for directions, and they weren't applying make up or crying because they cry and sometime apply make up sometimes at the same time. we asked a stubborn male to comment. >> come on .
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>> the best thing is watching angela saying, is he going put it in the hole? >> you were yelling that. you were screaming. >> i'm sorry. alberta, i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> i know he is not a gentleman. >> he is just a bad boy. you need a spanking. felix, you don't have a driver's license so this has never been a problem? >> no. >> it has never been a problem, i just tell the chauffeur to stop the rolls royce immediately and ask for
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directions. >> you wouldn't have a female driver, would you, because that would be terrifying? >> frankly, greg, no. >> i'm just going to let you in on a dirty little secret. i have had 28 car accidents and totaled three cars. >> how do you have a license? >> i still have a license and my insurance was cancelled twice. >> wow. >> yes, yes, yes. >> you couldn't be elected because you couldn't get to the office. >> i get somebody to drive me. >> tell us if you think the $3,000 is worth it. >> am i the only entrepreneur at the table? instead of getting a stupid tie for dad, all of the kids and the mom can chip in and buy him a gps for the car. mom stops takening prozac. the kids think they are helping with carbon credit and everybody is help. -- is happy. >> bill, you have a gps, except it is a girlly play
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set. >> yes, it is an easy bake oven connected to other devices. this is kind of a good point. it doesn't highlight males and driving. but when is england discovering gps? do they have automatic windows? this is big in america. >> england had gps in their cars three years before you do -- you did. >> clearly it didn't work, and you use the metric system. >> jerk. >> being the only female on this panel i have a question. >> you need to get out more, bill. >> can you believe i still have him here. >> i continue believe it. -- i can't believe it. >> one question. >> i have gps out. >> why is it guys cannot stop and ask for directions. >> why can't you parallel park? >> i can. i can. >> when you are driving the
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only thing you are looking for is a place to pee. >> they have peabodys. i have i to move on. call 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. >> thanks new mail man.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to tv's andy levy. what else do you have besides mysterious bruises on your back? >> nothing mysterious about them. i know how they got there. >> i just think the appearance of them looks mysterious. >> mysterious to you, but not to me. >> stop wearing half t's until you heal. that's gross. >> all right. then i will never get to wear half tees again. >> pleasure and pain. see, it did work. >> the u.s. turning into europe. greg, you said the author of the "spiegle" was thomas hafhar is pronounced -- >> that's why they lost the war. they don't know the alphabet. >> i did checking up, and according to german language version of wikipedia --
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[speaking german] wikipedia said that so it may not be accurate. i'm not sure. >> he says he likes eggs. >> that was all one word, by the way. german is an odd lange welling. come -- language. compound nouns. the bush administration was market oriented. >> the bush administration -- the bush tax cuts, and they are pondering if they will extend them. how did you get those bruises on your back? >> don't act like you don't know. >> you are the taker. >> felix, you said you weren't invited in. it is just hitler declared war. he cor jill ledee claireed -- he cordially declared war, so it would be rude for us not to attack. craig, i like are yo we are exchanging an american dream
3:32 am
for a tragedy. >> i kept that and i wanted to use it and everybody looked at me like i had the plague. >> you had a little look of pride on your face. i actually felt bad for you. >> i appreciate this pathetic sympathy you have for me right now. >> it was a good line. >> it is true. >> this country is drinking and smoking more. >> it didn't stop you from going blind. that's a myth. >> i was going blind. actually it restored my sight when i was 5. >> you don't still use the nhs, do you? >> do you still use the nhs? >> we have to. you don't have any choice. you are not allowed.
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you have to go into the state system whether you like it or not. later on you get yourself out as quick as you can. >> you said instead of cigarettes and liquor they should go to cocaine. >> well, it would be an easy -- how about paying it forward? >> i don't think that's what they intended when they invented the phrase "pay it forward." >> maybe after the show you can pay it forward for me. >> well, thank you. do you love americaing andy? >> i do. but it is only because you said that that i feel free to say that on fox news. >> everybody was like talking about russia and pumping it up. >> story about russia. >> is this russia?
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>> you have to talk about america and russia because you don't miss your water until the well runs dry. >> let's do it together. >> don't miss your water until the well runs dry. >> it takes a dead reunion. >> well, we are dead now. >> oh my god. >> only on "red eye." >> i will keep going for the five viewers still with us. iraqi reality show and fake bombs and celebrity cars. angela, i agree this show is distaste will -- distasteful, but no more than "jersey shore." >> well, i never have seen "jersey shore, but i love" cheaters." >> my idea is combine the people on "jersey shore" and put in the bombs. >> that's terrible.
3:35 am
i love "jersey shore." it is epic tv. >> i know you do. greg, you said iraqis don't treat celebrities well. every celebrity on there agreed to let their show broadcast. >> they probably had no choice. >> and the show was hosted by allah funt. >> funny, playing on allah funt. >> for our viewers under 80. >> we have three now? >> yeah, our audience is getting more selective. >> i like that. >> you couldn't come up with a pun, could you? >> and lastly, drivers wasting $2300 of gas in a lifetime. so you say families get him a gps system. and important to note and this is something felix said, 10 years ago bmw introduced one of the most sophisticated gps systems in the five series cars.
3:36 am
it had a female voice and they said they would not take directions from a female voice. >> they got it wrong. in the f-15 and the f-16, the female voice that talks to our pilots and helps them pull out. i'm talking about when they are going into the ground it seems to work. >> bitching betty is the money gnaw customer -- moniker goes by over the weekend. >> i will think that when we go out. >> who do you think recorded the voice? >> how do you think he got the bruises? >> andy, are you done? >> i am done. >> see you in the back half. it stand 5 foot 2 and is 127 pound and is very flexible. enough about rhode island. i talk of a man's cuss custom made sex doll. that's according to bortolin who said a 50-year-old
3:37 am
businessman paid him 18 grand to recreate his exas a life sized sex doll. he was brought a whole bunch of photos and demanded, quote, i want it like her, but with bigger books. who doesn't? the lady maker describes the doll as realistic and capable of taking any position. we go to our sex doll, rollercoaster gary. >> not much excites rollercoaster gary anymore. that's why he is still alive. isn't this the ultimate flattery? wouldn't you be flattered if they commissioned a sex
3:38 am
replica of you? >> it is a stocker crazy nut job, web job and no, i would not be flattered. i knew you would catch it. >> felix, have this thought -- has this thought come over you desm -- over you and you keep it in your private dungeon? >> i kept plenty in my private dungeon, but they were all breathing. >> the fun funny thing is, he is not joking. >> "skunk" he calls it the perfect girlfriend. do you agree with him in anyway. >> as an analyst i look at this and i say, you know what, there is this stall thing and you did a little spot where the girlfriend is going to japan. i don't know if you saw the article in "atlantic monthly" about the end of men. i think dh is a sign. i think it is time for men to take a vacation and let women
3:39 am
take their shot. it is showing us where society is moving. i am off to acapulco. >> excuse me. the women take their best shot, what do you mean by that? >> oh, you mean like controlling thing? >> i wasn't. >> right, exactly. >> bill, you had a doll built as well, but it was a replica of will ford b ry mley. >> if they can do this with ex-girlfriends why not dead pets? my terrier was pepper and she was 50 pound and i want her to look like the real pepper, but with bigger boobs. coming up next, felix dazzles us, and don't forget
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my book "the bible of unspeakable truth." get your copy at amazon .comth o or go to your nearest bookstore.
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publishing legend felix dennis is going on eight years. the 6th book is coming out. it is call tale from the woods. and it is kicking off a 21-day poetry tour in the uk and ireland later this month in support of it. i urge you to check it out. there is free wine and later you can throw up in the bathroom. i did. it is true. every time i meet up with you i throw up in the bathroom. this book is all poems about trees, right? >> trees and the countryside, that's right. >> i read some, their are poignant. >> that's kind of you. >> why did you pick trees? to me they just stand there and take up space. i find them rude. >> that's true, but they breathe out oxygen and suck in carbon dioxide.
3:44 am
also they are very beautiful. i don't really look at them though. >> you don't? >> no. they are just green blobs. they are just giant, stupid creature. >> you love to say things like this, but everybody know you are a sensitive person and you are not really like that. >> you have put out a billion magazines when you think about the number of single copies that you put out. if a tree could talk he would say, you are a serial killer. >> all of the trees used to make paper, they are all -- most are from canada and some from finland. they are planted there in the first place so we can make trees. we do not chop down oak trees and make paper. >> i picked a few of my favorites. th is a place -- place a mirror by a tree. >> sure, i will read that for you. >> place a mirror by a tree. place a mirror by a tree, tell me now.
3:45 am
what do you see? which of you will feed the earth? which of you contains more worth. which with sheltering arm keeps a thousand things from harm? which of you is nature's bane? which is evil? which is able? which is kane? which is a parasite? tell me now. what do you see? >> i want to have sex with a tree. >> well that's another good thing about smoking. 2* gives you an awesome voice. >> not really, mom, i don't. it is he portrayed treesin a sensual way. >> i have a last one here are to you, greg. >> go ahead. >> it is uh extensive blee about trees, but not really about trees. we are allowed to do that in poetry. >> it is called a metaphor. >> you can call it a metaphor
3:46 am
if you wish. i never met a four i didn't like. >> going -- "going bald." >> okay. >> my maples are tau nay shoes. the oak mourn for what is lost, they sulk in glory. the caw macaw swree bows defying frost. the memory of summer serenades us and tugs until we are shorn. and winter finds us out and death per -- and death persuades us. >> so that is about going bald? >> in a way. >> i'm stupid. >> it is a metaphor. this one i like, this is silva -- >> anapa. >> i didn't want to pronounce it. >> you know what that is? >> the opposite of something. >> when the pope gets really,
3:47 am
really angry he issues a denunciation and it is called an anacrament and you are cast out. th is a tree and he is now cursing human kind. >> okay. >> from the first stroke, these apse called folk have ravaged their heart's desire. a forest awoke to grief and they captured fire. as the seasons turn they ax and burn and wheel gives way to plow. so few of us stand, the wounded land lies stripped of root and bow. i am marked, but worn them well that what they reap they will rue. when their bones are dust their acts rust. we shall cover the earth a new. >> all right. we have to take a break. when we come back i want to talk about your burial idea.
3:48 am
the name of the book is called "tale from the woods." we have to take a break. we have more. don't go away.
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welcome back. it is "red eye." i want to talk to you about
3:52 am
this new plan you have. now, you have this giant forest. i think it is called the forest of dennis, right? >> it is called the heart of england forest, but nice try. >> you could have agreed with me. but no one will checkup on me. you came up with an innovative idea. it is basically like a green burial. what is this? >> it is simple. >> i hate the idea of cutting down the trees and putting your body in a box and then lowering it into the ground. that's ridiculous. green burial, you have many choices. you can have beautiful, painted marine ply or cardboard or a linen wrap or woven wicker coffin and you are lowered in the ground and we put the dirt on there and we plant a tree on top. you get to choose the tree. we put a titanium, maker on the tree that will always be there. and there you are. if you want you can create a little family grove.
3:53 am
instead of having all these nasty head stones and these wasted wood and grass, you really -- what you have is wood. >> and you don't bury the body too deep because it decomposes faster. >> you only need a few feet. >> it is like the tree of life. >> in the end you are a tree. >> and you become immortal. >> our become a tree monster that kills human beings. >> felix, i think i am losing my mind. you had a lost decade where you spend $100 million on crack cocaine. would you do it again knowing you lost $100 million? >> i would have spent $200 million. that way i could have got through it faster. that was my problem. i wasn't spending money fast enough. >> how do you spend $10,000 a
3:54 am
day on crack? i mean, how much crack is that? i had a lot of people helping me. we were drinking straight out of the bottle. >> that's impressive. >> you had a harem at one time. not impressive, destructive. >> it was a disgrace. we may have children watching the show, and i want to tell them it was a disgrace. don't do it. just forget it. >> why not? life is to be lived, greg. >> you had a harem of 14 girls? why not just just disband them? >> it lasted 14 years and it was over. they were getting older and they needed painting. >> that's a good answer. we have to move on. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy
3:55 am
levy. for more go to fox news .com slash red eye. 3w4r5*7 .
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>> if you missed the show we did last week with dennis miller we are reairing it on monday at 3 a.m. pacific time and a new red eye is on tuesday night. time to go back to tv's andy levy. >> looks like i missed the party. >> you always do. somebody came up to me on my way to work and asked me how to get to carnegie hall. do you know? >> i was dying to do this. yeah, practice, brother, practice. >> really? you have been dying to do that? >> dying to do it. >> that joke is older -- >> thank you, andy. >> that joke is older than bill's crack habit. >> angela, is the gop going to take over congress come november?
3:59 am
>> yes, they will. and you might see sarah palin ticket and john thoon in 2012. >> will never happen. >> you don't think so? the republicans will take over. you know what, a lot of people say they will not run, andy, but you never know years from now what they will do. >> i know i'm not gonna run. >> felix, can you believe you sat at the same table as bill shultz for an hour? >> it is hard to believe, but i guess when i watch the show it will be proof positive. >> i do not know what bill is doing here. >> how did you know i was positive? >> he has pictures of greg, felix. >> remember when i had pictures of you? >> remember when i claimed your desk? >> that is true. are we done here? >> we are done. >> bye, andy. >> bill shuldz, you sk,

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